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Dutch Shepard
BRN #33238
May 21th, 2018

Freyja's main focus right now is IPO. She'll be competing for her BH this season and then her IPO1 shortly there after. We've also started her on narcotic detection & she's confident with Cocaine. We expect main titles out of this girl in the future! 

Cane Corso
CGCs & Trick dog

Ivan….Well, Ivan is just a really good boy! He has a great confirmation and we intend to title him out in the more advance levels of AKC's Trick Dog & CGCs. He's a grade A cuddler with a heart of gold.

Cane Corso
May 15th, 2017
Scent Work

Oakley Rae is our Scent Corso. Her favorite thing to do is sniff out narcotics, but she's also done a fair amount of Felon Tracking. Mostly, Oakley's our pet dog. We're currently working leisurely towards a DLE (Dogs of Law Enforcement) Title. She also has a .41 Pennhip score.

Cane Corso
Prospect - Weight Pulling


Meet the newest member of our kennel. We're still evaluating Axel and keeping his options open for a specific niche training. But we are leaning towards a possibility of weight pulling in the future. Keep checking back for updates!

Cane Corso

Febuary 3rd, 2019


Our Naomi comes from a long like of champions. She is daughter of daughter of AKC Grand Champion Lucian Di Colts, Granddaughter of AKC Grand Champion Altobello Del Coritano, and Great Granddaughter of World Champion X-man (Brutus). We have our eyes set on the Grand Champion title and nothing else!